Behind the scenes of the digital life

Cité des Télécoms

Digital life, or digital technologies hidden from view

“Often called, rarely explained … This is to give visitors access to all that he doesn’t see when using unknowingly digital technologies. The exhibition responds vividly to the curiosity of the visitor while giving those elements that will help him fully understand and appreciate the two spaces Mobility and Digital Life.”


4 applications for touch screens multipoints

4 small games explain a computer running: Boolean algebra, flow rates, the binary coding, communication protocols

Controlling a 3D printer

Interactive floor projection simulating running a TCP / IP networking

Moving picture Cloud

Modeling a stream of binary particles generated with every action, performed on one of the devices of the exhibition and displayed in real time on a projection (mapping video projection with 6 projectors)
Development of an API info  for recording visitors to the exhibition modules and sending information by email