Citroën Design Experience

Drawing, pattern recognition and multitouch photo application The visitor is invited to draw a car. Once the drawing is complete, the device analyzes which model of the 19 models of the Citroën range, is the closest model drawn. Photos of the corresponding model are displayed. Development of the drawing application with the finger directly on …

Charles de Gaulle Memorial


Interactive Guestbook + terminal interactive viewing posts Two interactive guestbook and a terminal viewing posts are arranged at the end of the museum path so visitors can leave a testimony of their visit and what inspires the General de Gaulle to them. Visitors leave messages by writing directly on the screen using an electronic stylus. …

Memorial internment and deportation camp Royallieu


Reading manuscripts System to handle and read letters and manuscripts written by internees of the camp Royallieu with a hand movement above a table on which are projected documents.  Conception Malice Images Capture by gesture system development: Blue Yeti Flash application development: Sylvie Tissot and Olivier Cornet