Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci


Interactive chronology and insertion on technicals drawings made by Leonard, the engineer

 “The Life of Leonardo”

Visitors are invited to discover an interactive timeline tracing Leonardo da Vinci’s life and works: the key steps of his life, his technical, historical and cultural environment.
The application runs on four screens simultaneously. On each station, visitors are invited to turn a crank to scroll through the timeline and control the application.
Development application software, link between the sensor and the application, synchronization between the 4 screens.



A screen displays a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. The visitor approaches the painting and finds the embedding of his image as a similar sketch line, style and chromatic scale of the drawing. He sees himself in motion in the painting from different perspectives. Several drawings turn alternately and each offer, according to the possibilities of the composition of the drawing, adapted embeddings and interactions.
Software development by capturing camera image processing.


  •  Development tools: Max / MSP Jitter and Flash ActionScript
  • Conception: Yassine Slami – Universcience