Submerged hall

Lake House

Immersive interactive projection in the middle of the lake water

The Lake House opens its doors to raise awareness of the environment. This environment education center shows the richness of this place.

The lobby seems submerged as if open water flowed in the heart of the house.
Like a magic lantern, the lobby echoes and reflects the lake in all its richness. Images are animated in interactivity with visitors. Fishes disperse, birds fly when a visitor approaches.

On the topic of open water in the heart of the house, the sound and picture take a fantastic dimension.

Development of interactive animation projected on the floor and three walls of the hall.
Graphics 2D / 3D. Capture camera and analysis of real-time picture.

  • Development tool: Max / MSP Jitter
  • Project ownership: General Council of Loire Atlantique
  • Set Designer/ scenography conception: Arc en Scène
  • Audiovisual and multimedia production: Monochrome / Le RaF, submerged hall realisation  : Blue Yeti
  • Website : Lake House