Lascaux III International Exhibition

General Council of Dordogne

Design and production of interactive multimedia within the project management team

The international and traveling exhibition Lascaux III depicts five stone veils, accurately recreating the actions of the artists of the rock art through five frescoes from the original cave.

The exhibition proposes to open the book of the cave’s history since its discovery by the Cro-Magnon, to its rediscovery 70 years ago until his recovery that appeals today the most modern technologies.

Visitor Impact Simulator

Visitors see, superimposed on their screen image, an emanation of gas symbolizing the impact of their presence in the environment of the cave.

Trigonometric tracing identified as Monique Peytral

Visitors are invited to reproduce on a touch screen a drawing on a wall. Following a series of steps, this drawing is deformed and then superimposed on the 3D wall.

Trigonometric with a scanner

Conducting a mock scanner composed with a real-time camera capture of a wall relief in different resolution. Reconstitution of the point cloud, meshing and texturisation.

Layers of Glory

The creation of an interactive book allows the visitor to browse layers and observe the details through a magnifying glass.

Interpretation Tables

Development of four multimedia touch applications for a multi-touch based on the exploration of the 3D model of four frescoes. Each interactive table presents a series of animations and theme games.



Development Tools: Flash ActionScript and Max / MSP Jitter

Back office: development of a back office to manage content, translations and remote activation of languages ​​when roaming.

Project ownership: General council of Dordogne

Project management: Du&Ma/La Prod est dans le Pré/Grafibus/ACL/Blue Yeti