Fantasy archetypes

MHN Neuchatel

Sensory preface of the exhibition
“Sacred science! Believing or knowing…”
March 13, 2011 to December 21, 2012
Natural History Museum of Neuchatel

Design and realization of an immersive (100 m2) space-themed fantasy archetypes, interactive, visual and audio environment.

Plunged into darkness, the visitor discovers and plays with a new environment. A filament light reacts to his presence, his movement, sound is created, and shapes arise. The interactive installation envelops the visitor in a strange virtual world to make him aware of his Self et Moi…?  and the world around him.

The wire

Virtual sound rope starts moving under the feet of visitors (motion capture by camera).

Fountain of Knowledge

Video projection on a multi-user interactive table, a primitive milling / soup of particles (physical models) that visitors can observe and mix.

The particles of the Self

Interactive wall where the silhouette of the visitors is gradually formed from a cloud of particles.

Design: HDN, Blue Yeti and Phosphene
Graphic Design: Magnolya Roy, Blue Yeti
Sound design: Anne Gregory Cosenza and Morata, Phosphene
Software development: Jean-Michel Couturier, Blue Yeti
Clouds of particles based on the “Clouds” installation from Charles Bascou
Softwares realised with Jamoma