The EXPO video game


Immersion at the heart of creative communities and video game universe

What is playing today? What kind of commitment develops video games for those who practice it? The exhibition EXPO Video game offers players and non-players to share a unique and dramatic/spectacular experience in a real immersive scene. Exhibition of October 22nd 2013 to August 24th 2014 in the City of Science and Industry.


“Win your way out”

Development of an application where the visitor throws his avatar, captured in real time, to the exit door. Completion of 6 different worlds based on memorable themes of the world of video games (8-bit pixelart steampunk cartoon, cars, pinball, 3D).

3 other visitors may attempt to divert the path of the avatar by pressing the “buzzers” that trigger on-screen animations specific to each universe.
Software application development, 3D camera capture, image processing, 2D / 3D graphics.

 “Creative Communities”

Development of a documentary audiovisual device in which visitors can view videos illustrating different types of creative communities on the subject of video game.
Multiple users can simultaneously interact with the device.
Software development, 3D camera capture, image processing, 2D graphics.

Development tool: Max / MSP Jitter

Design and management of multimedia projects: Yassine Slami – Universcience