A project of an educational nature around multimedia and Grapholine.
Graphozique, an interactive and fascinating tool that is aimed at the emotion, the imagination and creativity of children and youth.

Graphozique is a specific action towards the hosted public in reception facilities for children and youth in Charente-Maritime.

The use of Graphozique is, for an educational actor, above all else, being able to implement an interactive and fascinating tool that is aimed primarily to emotion and creativity of children and youth, and soliciting their business intellectual in a second time. It is also an opportunity to educate the public on the use of multimedia tools in a fun and unusual way. It is also a very interesting way to address areas as diverse as: drawing and pictorial art, music and the world of sound, the link between his body, his gestures and his environment, the relationship between art and science …

This action, which took place at first as an experiment before considering its extension to all centers of the department, has three essential aspects:

  •  close consultation with leaders of voluntary associations to participate in the experiment, in conjunction with the popular and youth education movements involved in the transaction;
  • the design, implementation and testing of an educational kit “Graphozique” usable by the structures toward their audiences (and depending on the characteristics of these groups: urban, rural, ages …)
  • training of leaders who may borrow and effectively use this kit towards the public with whom they work.

The entire project is accompanied technically by Blue Yeti, whose role is to define and develop the materials in the kit.