Haikus Suite

Haikus Suite is an interactive installation created by Blue Yeti, inspired by haiku.

Poetry of the senses, the haiku capture the moment. Just for a breath time. It speaks of the real, the most common everyday life. It says the impermanence of things. And that’s it. Only impressions are fleeting; interior doors open wide. Beyond the words, images and sounds fill the intimate space.

Haiku Suite is looking for the emotional resonance felt in reading these poems and specific to everyone.

A first introduction to the facility will be presented as an interactive floor projection symbolizing a haiku river waiting to be captured by the visitors.

The rest of the installation is an exhibition of ephemeral paintings to be considered as separate components or as part of a whole. On each paintings, a pattern is created. The picture moves, interacts, is transformed, spoils, crumbles, breaks free and disappears.

Haiku Suite is a cyclic sound design that is transformed and evolves through its interactions with the public. Life here is spreading into a false immobility.