Tangible bodies

Immersive interactive worlds for workshops for all age / exposure / performing arts

Tangibles bodies has 10 interactive tables that capture the bodies entering to reveal sensitive worlds that react to gesture with precision using the latest technological innovations. This original creation offers an interactive path with 10 tables questioning the representations of the body.

The project was designed to be presented in different forms: a path exhibition / individual paintings / support to Workshops all age (children, adults, professionals, amateurs, people with disabilities) to experience the choreographic possibilities and produce a live show.

Description: The artistic intention explores the representation of the body through the ages starting from the anatomical body to virtual body expressed through the geometric body, the social body, the emotional body, the body vulnerable, shamanic body, the body vibration, the apparent body and metaphysical body.

Based on these representations of the body, we go through the body and its states, immersed in a behavioral device that will deliver in real time the metamorphosis of the visual and sound body in relation to the myth, technology, spirituality and psychology. Thanks to the creation of an “augmented reality.” Motion capture, movement, presence detection…

In 2014, Tangible Bodies – choreographic multimedia piece in the presence of 3 young adults with intellectual disabilities as performers on stage and a professional dancer – was created in collaboration with the APEI of Sevres-Chaville-Ville d’Avray, CCAS Savines-Le-Lac, the Orange loisirs Foundation, the Safran Foundation for integration, the Atrium of Chaville.

Here, the stage is a digital pictorial work, immersive and interactive within which the performers held their games and choreographies. The spatial evolution of the body in this immersive space, capturing movements and presences, generates transformations of visual and sound tables in real-time to make them become dance and game partners. This original creation allows participants with disabilities to express their personal and choreographic potential and to play / to give a live show with professional artists.

Tangible bodies, multimedia show is about going through the body and space, their representation, their confrontation with other bodies, the others with whom we share our corporeality. Invite the other to enter its interior that’s the foundation of any artistic act. Invite performers with intellectual disabilities in a live performance, is sharing a space of expression and communication with what is outside, but that also means an interior that lived through each of our bodies. It’s honoring the singularities.


Tangible bodies Teaser by maflohé passedouet on Vimeo.




Writing-scenography-visual creations: Maflohé Passedouet
Development-programming Max/Msp Jamoma: Jean-Michel Couturier (Blue Yeti)
Music: Sébastien Eglème
Real-time video control and guitar: Gregory Cosenza
Dance: Sébastien Dumont
Interpretation: Nicolas Merlier-Corinne Saillant-François Tixier-Sébastien Dumont with instructors Claire Birrer, Céline Segara, Didier Servan
Costumes: Jean-Marc Bourgeois-Maflohé Passedouet

Production Mobilis-Immobilis / Fées d’hiver/Blue Yeti