Open Scenario System for Interactive Application

The Ossia project aims to provide knowledge in a set of software services for writing scenarios open, nonlinear and multi-user.

Submerged hall

Lake House

Immersive interactive projection in the middle of the lake water

Tangible bodies

Immersive interactive worlds for workshops for all age / exposure / performing arts

The EXPO video game


Immersion at the heart of creative communities and video game universe


Digital Samovar company

Creation In Situ SonoPluie is a sound and ambulatory exploration from the Digital Samovar company revealing the invisibility that exists in the landscape.

Jongle Jingle Jangle

Acronote company

Realisation of scenic multimedia devices pour the show Jongle Jingle Jangle from the Acronote company.

Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci


Interactive chronology and insertion on technicals drawings made by Leonard, the engineer

Lascaux III International Exhibition

General Council of Dordogne

Design and production of interactive multimedia within the project management team

Preshow game Wings Of Courage


Multiplayer game balloons in augmented reality

Sorter pickles

Fallot Mustard

Interactive floor reproducing the operation of an old machine: the sorter pickle.

Correspondence revealed

Departmental Archives of Deux-Sèvres

As part of the exhibition “correspondence revealed, from one millennium to another,” realization of an interactive table that allows visitors to view a series of scanned letters, preserved in the Departmental Archives of Deux-Sèvres.

Haikus Suite

Haikus Suite is an interactive installation created by Blue Yeti, inspired by haiku.


Domaine of Dienné

Production of interactive devices in the path Défiplanet’

Fantasy archetypes

MHN Neuchatel

Sensory preface of the exhibition “Sacred science! Believing or knowing…” March 13, 2011 to December 21, 2012 Natural History Museum of Neuchatel

The essential is invisible


Multimedia rock show This new album from the collective Phosphene evokes a timeless dimension of humanity: the question of origins, possibles, of the afterlife, in philosophical quest, scientific, mystical sense of life, it comes to spirituality.

Swamp Saint Ciers

Electroacoustic creation inspired by the Braud Saint-Louis swamp in the Saint Ciers sur Gironde multimedia library

Life on board – Tara Oceans Universcience

In the Tara reconstituted bow, a wide selection of videos about life on board, the crew, the work of scientists, etc., are available for consultation.

Interactive poultry and rabbits

children museum, Historial of Vendée

2roqs-Blue Yeti collaboration

My first ground

City of Science and Industry

Realisation of three multimedia devices


A project of an educational nature around multimedia and Grapholine. Graphozique, an interactive and fascinating tool that is aimed at the emotion, the imagination and creativity of children and youth.

The sharks’ corridor

Aquarium of La Rochelle

Interactive floor

Citroën Design Experience

Drawing, pattern recognition and multitouch photo application The visitor is invited to draw a car. Once the drawing is complete, the device analyzes which model of the 19 models of the Citroën range, is the closest model drawn. Photos of the corresponding model are displayed. Development of the drawing application with the finger directly on …

John the Fearless

Electroacoustic piece inspired by a medieval painting of John the Fearless Instrument used: Grapholine and synthesis granular instrument Permormance of “John the Fearless”, april 2001, Nérac castle

The Earth and us

City of Science and Industry

Dynamic wall Resources exhibition on December 16th 2008 to August 30th 2009


Electroacoustic piece on the water theme Instrument used: Grapholine, synthesis granular instrument, electronic percussion

Virtual Tag

Don’t call the constabulary (but still tell your neighbors)! The strange luminous markings that are taking shape on the wall of the building, or there on the hillside, are not the work of aliens in need of conversation!

A call


Experimental show combining music, video, dance and new technologies.